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Parallel projects

Thursday, 09. September 2010 | 00:00 (tz: Europe/Amsterdam)

Oops, we did it.

In our continues efforts to setup the Shadow Search Project (SSP) in order to provide a space where people can experiment with data, build new algorithms and link new indexes of information, n.e.w.s. contributor Renée Ridgway and I decided (a weekend before the submission deadline) to enter a competition called ‘Kom Je Ook?’ to be held on September the 9th 2010. This competition was organized by Mediamatic to select the most interesting pitch at the conference. The prize was to offer a ‘clinic’ at Mediamatic with Stichting DOEN as a chance for funding for the best ideas presented.




Competition of Ideas

The upcoming Forum of Essays on Art will host, following a proposition from Jacques Serrano who conceived the event, a first “competition of ideas” on the theme of: “rethinking the social and economic conditions of art * ”


Shaping n.e.w.s.

These texts are propositions for the future development and structuring of n.e.w.s.


"Cultural diversity"?

I have need to react on two points published here around term “cultural diversity”, one in contribution of Ingrid Commandeur in “Globalization of the Art System” (although I realize it is meant as a provocation) on the "the whole idea of a spontaneous cultural diversity" and the other, there is a poll set at the n.e.w.s.